A warm Kamoa Welcome for CSR Europe

Kamoa warmly welcomed Stefan Crets, Executive Director of CSR Europe and Emma van Zundert, Project Manager Extractives, both from Belgium to a site visit on Tuesday, 8 November.

The visitors, whose main mission in the DRC is to work with several companies, including the Congolese Federation of Enterprises (FEC), to improve the sustainability programs of these companies, were hosted by Kamoa’s Dr. Guy Muswil, Executive, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

After a short presentation and welcome, Stefan and Emma were accompanied around the site and visited some of Kamoa’s community initiatives, such as the Bricks and Sewing projects, the banana plantation, the Kamoa hospital and the Kamoa Training Centre.

They were impressed with what they saw and experienced: “I highlight the level of community involvement in Kamoa’s sustainability initiatives, specifically the management of different businesses by community members with support from Kamoa, and Kamoa’s long-term vision it has for all their projects”, Emma stated.

Stefan was fascinated by the fact that Kamoa not only focuses on producing produce but also on the well-being of the community as well as Kamoa’s employees.

One of the main challenges within the mining sector in terms of sustainability, Stefan pointed out, is the “collaboration between competitors for a transparent transformation towards a more sustainable future”.

CSR Europe is a European business network that offers support to companies during their transformation and collaboration to create practical solutions for sustainable growth.

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