Antonio Kanduri takes training to new heights at the Kamoa Training Centre

Former Mining Engineering lecturer, Antonio Kanduri, is paving the way for the new era of mining as Manager at the Kamoa Training Centre.

Antonio has been key figure in the development of the Kamoa Training Centre, motivated  by his passion for supporting individuals to further develop themselves.

Antonio’s background, as a former university lecturer in Mining Engineering, has helped to expand the personnel training programme at the Centre, which continues to positively impact the lives of the Kamoa employees, mining crews and DRC locals that have passed through the Kamoa Training Centre doors.

Working alongside his mentor Stuart Hargreaves, and fellow Training Coordinator, Corrie Smith, Antonio established the training curriculum, training resources and records management system for the Centre.


Antonio and Stuart also initiated the recruitment of mining engineering graduates as trainee drill rig operators. Antonio’s past role as a university lecture and his contact with the various university chancellors assisted him in successfully recruiting nine graduated into the programme. The graduates are currently performing very well in their roles and through further training and development, could become miners, shift supervisors and later enter the managerial ranks of mining.

Before taking over the reins as Training Centre Manager from Stuart Hargreaves in December 2021, Antonio was the Training Coordinator for Mining Operations in 2020, responsible for overseeing all machine operator training. During this time, he quickly proved himself capable under the mentorship and guidance of his seniors.

One of Antonio’s achievements during this time was his instrumental role in forming the new mining crews for Kamoa between 2020 and 2021.