Fostering The Next Generation Of Congolese Talent At Kamoa Copper

The Kipaji Development Program focuses on developing Congolese talent into potential future company leaders and industry advocates in the DRC.

As part of our innovative Kipaji Development Program launched in October 2021, we would like to congratulate our candidates for successfully completing a course focused on self-mastery and emotional intelligence (EQ) as part of the programme in August 2022.

Spearheaded by Kamoa Copper’s Transformation Department, the Kipaji Development Program focuses on developing the raw talent of Kamoa’s Congolese employees by giving them the tools and resources needed to grow and potentially become future company leaders and industry advocates in the DRC.

The Swahili word Kipaji means ‘talented or gifted’ – a fitting name for the program given Kamoa Copper’s aspiration to develop the next generation of industry professionals and leaders, to help shape the future of mining in the DRC.

As part of the program, the 32 selected graduates underwent a rigorous development process with personalised development plans, together with mentoring from Kamoa Copper’s senior management team, to enhance their leadership and technical strengths.

In the last week of the programme, the Kipaji graduates, together with other senior Congolese employees, were given the opportunity to complete a 5-day ‘The Psychology of Leadership’ course provided by Emerge Leadership Academy – a local leadership development program service provider.

The course was aimed at helping attendees understanding the impact of values, communication and actions in advancing leadership abilities.

Given that the course was a major success amongst participants, Kamoa Copper is looking at rolling it out to all Congolese employees in management positions in the future.