Paul Kabengele drives the growth of sustainable communities at Kamoa Copper

Paul Kabengele is the custodian of Kamoa Copper’s Sustainable Livelihoods programmes, responsible for upskilling the company’s livelihoods staff.

Paul has worked at Kamoa for eight years and is currently the Community Projects Superintendent. He coordinates several livelihoods activities within the surrounding communities in a bid to create sustainable communities that go beyond mining. In doing so, Paul and his livelihoods staff empower communities by teaching them sustainable farming practices and economic skills, while also seeking to uplift the standard of living at a household level within the community.

Kamoa’s Sustainable Livelihoods activities range from poultry/livestock, aquaculture, apiculture, maize, vegetable and fruit production.Paul is motivated by the spirit of teamwork within Kamoa and the passion that the company have towards uplifting the standard of living for the communities within the mine’s footprint.

“Kamoa management has been an inspiration to me because they are very supportive and always want me to do more for the communities. It also inspires me to continue to make a real impact within the local communities,” he says.

“My proudest moment was when I saw the upscaled projects like fish, vegetable and poultry farming adding value to the lives of the communities, especially when they are able to pay for school and medical fees and the general enhancement of their lifestyles,” says Paul.

Paul recounts the success of the Mumba family as a beautiful example of the collaborative work between Kamoa and its communities to mutually benefit one another.

After starting off with just one self-constructed fishpond and vegetable gardens, Mr Mumba had many obstacles to get his business off the ground as he struggled with leakage problems and had to water his crops by hand. Mumba then approached Kamoa to assist him in learning about agriculture and aquaculture, as well as to enhance and upscale his operations. Kamoa assisted by installing a water pump and constructing two additional fishponds to support his business, while also providing technical agronomic advice, including the practice of sustainable farming. As his skillset and knowledge improved, Mr Mumba’s business grew and he started supplying produce to Kamoa’s catering company, IFS.

The support and upskilling from Kamoa have enabled Mr Mumba to cover the schooling expenses for his family of eight children, build a house, and purchase a minibus for more convenient travel.

Mumba now owns 12 fishponds, cattle and a variety of vegetable plots and he aims to grow his business as much as possible in the future.

Seeing the fruitful result of Mumba’s business, Kamoa was inspired to construct an additional 100 fishponds in 2021, which were divided among 20 business owners. Kamoa plans to construct an additional 100 ponds during 2022.