Kamoa’s contribution to the economic development of a local Congolese company

KOLWEZI, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, Friday 11th August 2023 – Access to external financing has been cited to be the most pressing challenge for SMEs in developing economies such as the DRC. The lack of accessibility has been indicated to result from the deficiencies observed by both financial institutions and SMEs.

This is what makes the presentation ceremony of the 20 brand new trucks and trailers by Keep Going Service, a local transportation and logistics company operating in the greater Katanga region to Kamoa Copper, an important milestone in showing that the problem linked to absence of external financing for local businesses can be reversed.

Keep Going Services came to present the first 20 trucks that they received from the order of 50 trucks that they purchased thanks to funding they were able to receive from a local bank. Kamoa has been instrumental in helping them obtain this loan as it used its network to secure a contract with one of its partners Gold Mountain that gave them the necessary weight to secure the funding.

It was an immense pride and joy for the Kamoa team as they welcome the 20 brand-new trucks and trailers in the Kakula mining site. As a company, Kamoa has been working to develop its local partners as the company operations grow. “When Kamoa started its operations, international buyers were awarding 100% the transportation/logistics contracts to foreign companies; but now with the constant facilitation and involvement from Kamoa Copper, the trend is slowly being reversed and more Congolese companies are being awarded contracts, Keep Going Services being one of them. Encouraging the Development, the Local Economy is one of Kamoa’s core commitment” said Luc Munongo, Responsible Exports Logistics.

Speaking on this event, Keep Going Services’ Technical Director, Eddy Kahozi said, “the partnership with Kamoa has enabled them to access funding. What has always been difficult before as a Congolese SME which hindered our ability to effectively grow. However, Kamoa has facilitated this for us to help us develop our business. Our wish is that Kamoa continues to support us in the future.”
Kamoa will continue to implement initiatives that stimulate the economic and social development of local businesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing people together for a prosperous and inclusive future.