Lualaba Provincial Minister of Mines visits Kamoa Copper S.A.

As part of a collaborative project between Kamoa Copper S.A. and CEEC (Centre d’Expertise d’Évaluation et de Certification), the Provincial Minister of Mines of Lualaba Province, Mr. Jacques Kaumba, visited the Kamoa-Kakula mine and expressed his great satisfaction for the important work that the mine is doing in terms of economic and social investment in the country.

The Provincial Minister of Mines, was accompanied by his Director of Cabinet, the Deputy Director of Cabinet of the Vice-Governor of Lualaba, the Technical and Legal Director of CEEC at the national level, and the Provincial Director of CEEC-Lualaba alongside his technical team.

After an official welcome by the Kamoa team, led by Dr. Guy Muswil (Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Executive) and a general presentation of the Kamoa-Kakula project, the delegation was given a tour of various sections of the project. The tour included the new Kamoa 1 mine which is currently under development, the Kakula metallurgical laboratory, the Kakula consultation facility, and the copper concentrate storage and export site.

The collaboration between Kamoa Copper S.A. and the CEEC aims to establish a one-stop shop at the site for the certification of Kamoa Copper S.A.’s products before export.

The Provincial Minister, along with the rest of the delegation, expressed appreciation towards Kamoa for the investment and the pace at which the Kamoa-Kakula project is progressing.