Media Gallery

A blister copper ingot produced at the Lualaba Copper Smelter, containing approximately 99% copper
A convoy of transport trucks loaded with Kamoa Copper’s concentrate
Ben Munanga, KCSA Chairman welcoming Princess Adèle Kayinda Mahina, DRC Minister of Portfolio at Kamoa
Fishponds constructed in surrounding communities under Kamoa's Sustainable Livelihoods Program
Harvesting of Tilapia fish by Kakweji Tshikuta Castain, one of the upcoming fish famers from Kamisange Community
Kamoa Copper is focused on training new recruits for the operation of the mine’s Phase 1 concentrator plant
Kamoa’s Sustainability team overseeing pineapple crop progress with Mupenda farm workers
Kamoa Training, Mine arc drill at the Kansoko Mine
Kasongo Kabila, Master Driller Trainee “operating” semi-autonomous mining equipment at Kamoa's state-of-the-art training centre
Lifting the Phase 2 flotation conditioning tank into position
Loading bulk copper concentrate for delivery to the nearby Lualaba Copper Smelter for the production of blister copper ingots
Kamoa Copper’s CEO Mark Farren; Head of Projects- Steve Amos; and Risk Control Manager- Wimpie Steyn, holding some of Kamoa’s first copper concentrate
Mark Farren - Kamoa Copper S.A. CEO
Mechanic Gretta Lusa Ngoie repairing a wheel at the Kakula Mine
Mwadingusha powerhouse with all six generating units fully assembled and generating 78 MW of clean, sustainable electricity
New primary healthcare wing of the Kamoa hospital
Pouring of Kamoa Copper blister ingots, containing approximately 99% copper at the Lualaba Copper Smelter
Minister of Portfolio, Princess Adèle Kayinda Mahina visiting a local primary school that is one of Kamoa’s community initiatives
The Inga II dam wall and penstocks
The Phase 2 concentrator plant under construction in the foreground, with the operating Phase 1 concentrator plant in the background
The refurbished Mwadingusha hydropower dam, providing water to generate clean electricity for Kamoa
The sewing project, known as ‘Salamah’ was established as one of Kamoa’s local economic development initiatives
The side-by-side Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrator plants
Loading bags of bulk copper concentrate produced by Kamoa Copper
Kamoa Copper’s Phase 2 concentrator plant construction

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