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New Integrated Development Plan reveals long-life nature of Kamoa Copper Mining Complex

Kamoa Copper achieves year-over-year increase in copper production of 215% in 2022

Kamoa Copper produces record quarterly production in Q3 2022

Kamoa Achieves Record Monthly Copper Production in May 2022

Kamoa Achieves Record Quarterly Copper Production in Q1 2022

Discovery and growth at the world’s highest-grade major copper mine.

Progress update: Kamoa Copper’s Phase 2 concentrator plant 70% complete

Progress update: Kamoa Copper sets a new monthly record and launches innovative development program

Progress update: Commissioning of the second concentrate filter press at Kamoa Copper

Progress update: Ramp-up of Phase 1 copper production at Kamoa Copper

A tour of Kamoa Copper’s development and exploration efforts

Progress update: Kamoa Copper’s Phase 1 concentrator approaches steady-state design performance

Improving access to health care in the DRC

Micheline Kyengue at the Kakula core shed

Kamoa Copper’s Enterprise Development Program

Progress update: Kamoa Copper’s Phase 1 concentrator plant reaches commercial production

Kamoa Copper’s community brick-making cooperative

Kamoa Copper’s Sustainable Livelihoods Initiatives

Progress update: Kamoa Copper readies itself for copper concentrate exports

Environmental, Social and Governance performance at Kamoa Copper

The Mwadingusha hydropower plant