SA Consul General Visit

Kamoa Copper S.A. was honoured to welcome the esteemed South African Madam Consul General, Nosicelo Mbele and her delegation, Consul Political, Mr. Thinta Zwane, and Political Secretary, Mr. Phillip Muteba on Wednesday, 16 November 2022.

Upon arrival, the Honorable visitors were greeted by the Senior Management of Kamoa Copper followed by a short presentation.

The goal of the Consul General’s visit was to identify the challenges within the Mining industry and consolidate possible solutions to ease travel for both local DRC citizens and South Africans.

During the afternoon Mrs. Annebel Oosthuizen, Chief Executive, Commercial, Mr. Ben Munanga, Executive, Energy, and Mr. Miles Naude, Executive, Concentrators, accompanied Madam Consul General and her delegation on a site visit.

Madam Consul General applauded Kamoa for their service and commitment; “Kamoa Copper has done extremely well. You don’t only offer support to the communities but you have plans for sustaining the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the future.” She also acknowledged that the success of an operation isn’t necessarily determined by the size of the facilities, but rather by the quality of execution and equipment.

The Consul General looks forward to planning a second visit to Kamoa in the near and building a longstanding relationship.