Kamoa Copper hands over a hospital to the Muvunda community and continue its engagement towards developing the local communities

KOLWEZI, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, DECEMBER 08, 2023 – Access to health care in rural areas in the DRC is often made difficult by the long distances to travel and the absence of good quality modern health structures. This was not different in the chiefdom of Muvunda and its neighboring communities.
There was no referal health center located in the vicinity of Muvunda chiefdom capital, forcing the population to do an approximate 20 kilometers distance to reach the closest health infrastructure. This is why the Chief of Groupement Musokantanda, his Highness Kafweku Sabuni Henri and the late Chief of Land Muvunda Kakoshi Eloy, both requested Kamoa Copper to provide a modern health center to the Muvunda community and its neighbourhood at the occasion of the Kakula mine blessing ceremony.

Once completed, Kamoa Copper has officially handed over to the Lufupa Chief of Land the newly built and equipped Muvunda hospital.
Dr Guy Muswil, Executive HSE & Sustainability who has been driven the project with his team, attended the handover ceremony and talked about the importance of investing in communities being part of Kamoa Copper footprint especially in areas that can have positive impact on people’s life. “We value our communities and continuously work with them on projects that improve their living conditions. This hospital is a support from Kamoa Copper to honor the land and people that not only welcome us but bless our operations.’’
The hospital that will be operated by Providence Health SARLU has a capacity of 48 beds, a maternity ward, a neonatology and pediatric, emergency room, laboratory and internal medicine.
The ceremony ended with a tour of the facility and the public was impressed by the equipment and building quality that were modern and up to date technology.
Kamoa Copper is committed to improving its community’s livelihood and living conditions by investing in projects and area where it has never been done before.